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Difference Between Concrete And Exposed Aggregate Driveway Paving

 Thursday, October 20, 2022     John   

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When it comes to the materials that can be used for driveway paving in Hamilton, homeowners have an important decision to make. Two options that you should definitely know about are concrete and exposed aggregate. Both concrete and exposed aggregate concrete from Hamilton paving contractors such as Pro Pavement Services Ltd. can be a solid choice.

Concrete is a mixture containing cement and aggregates (sand and/or stones) which, after it is poured, is typically smoothed out. Exposed aggregate concrete is a special mixture which is poured in much the same way, but which later has its top surface removed in order to expose the aggregate underneath.

Learning about some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of paving can help you choose between them before contacting a professional pavement service company.

Concrete: Advantages and Disadvantages
One of the main benefits of standard concrete driveways in Hamilton is that they require very little maintenance and, with the proper care, can last up to 30 years or more. Concrete holds up well against extreme weather conditions and only rarely requires repairs. Standard concrete paving also tends to be more affordable than exposed aggregate paving, costing only about $7-9 per square foot.

Many homeowners like the nice, clean look of a standard concrete driveway as well as the fact that it can be tinted and stained in many different colours and is not slippery. However, other homeowners might be looking for something more decorative and aesthetically appealing for driveway paving in Hamilton than what standard concrete has to offer. Driveway winter maintenance is also another factor when deciding which type of paving a homeowner should pick.

Exposed Aggregate: Advantages and Disadvantages
Exposed aggregate concrete in Hamilton, while the more expensive of the two, comes with numerous benefits of its own. Because of the variety of differently coloured and differently textured mixes available, exposed aggregate concrete is highly versatile and can be paired with all sorts of home exteriors and landscaping designs. It also contrasts well with other styles of concrete that you may have on your property. Additionally, the rugged surface is skid resistant and only requires moderate maintenance.

While still incredibly durable, exposed aggregate is more prone to damage than standard concrete and therefore needs to be sealed more often. The decorative top layer is also more likely to trap dirt and other debris and is trickier to clean. While a concrete slab can be quickly cleaned with a good power wash, exposed aggregate usually requires more time and attention. However, if you really love the look of exposed aggregate, then you'll likely find these few extra maintenance tasks to be worth the effort.

For Beautiful Concrete Driveways in Hamilton, Pro Pavement Services Ltd. Has You Covered
For almost 40 years, Pro Pavement Services Ltd. has been providing homeowners with expert and reliable driveway paving services. We install standard concrete driveways in Hamilton and exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Hamilton that are both affordable and durable, providing the perfect driveway paving solution.

If you've decided on the type of driveway you'd like to see in front of your home, don't hesitate to contact us and schedule a free estimate with Pro Pavement Services Ltd. today.

Preparing Concrete Driveways For Winter

 Thursday, October 10, 2019     John   

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Ontarians love the winter, but we know that it takes a toll on most parts of our homes, including our concrete driveways. A well-constructed concrete driveway is an investment. Properly installed and taken care of, it can last upwards of 30 years. So, if you have a concrete driveway in the Hamilton area, we at Pro Pavement Services would like to tell you about some handy tips for preparing your concrete driveway for the coming winter.

Inspect Carefully

The first step to preparing for the winter is to thoroughly inspect what needs to be done. Any damage that has occurred during the summer should be noted and any changes to the arrangement of your yard should be taken into account. For protecting your driveway, you should particularly note:

  • Whether you've planted any new trees or bushes near the driveway. As vegetation grows, the roots may extend and damage your driveway from underneath. They may have to be moved.
  • If any cracks have begun to form in your driveway. Concrete driveways are tough. In Hamilton, however, changes in seasonal temperatures will cause concrete to expand and contract. This may cause cracks in the surface of the driveway.
  • Whether your gutters are properly maintained. Standing water can be disastrous for concrete driveways. Be sure your gutters are in proper order and your driveway drains correctly to prevent pooling water.
  • If you have the correct tools and de-icers for the winter. Never use de-icers that have ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulphate in them as these chemicals can damage concrete. Sand works much better for skid-resistance. Similarly, be sure any snow blowers are properly calibrated for your driveway. They may damage your concrete if the blades are too close to the ground.

Repair If Necessary

Once you've inspected your driveway and the area around it, you should quickly repair any cracks or other potential problems. If left unattended, cracks will worsen once the structure of the concrete has been compromised. Many people choose to protect their concrete with sealer, which needs to be reapplied periodically. This will further ensure that your driveway remains protected and continues to contribute to your home's curb appeal. After your driveway is protected, you just need to maintain it in the winter months by keeping it clear of snow and water, and by not parking vehicles on it that are heavier than the concrete can support.

If you have any questions about your concrete driveway or think you might need some help, contact us today. Pro Pavement Services has employed expert concrete contractors in the Hamilton area since 1978. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and understand that customers come first.

Concrete Vs Asphalt Paving: Which Should You Choose?

 Monday, June 19, 2017     John   

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If you're building a driveway for a new home or if it's just time to upgrade the driveway on your property, then you've likely found yourself stuck trying to decide between asphalt or concrete driveways in Hamilton. Asphalt is a dark mixture of aggregates such as gravel and sand held together by a bitumen binder, while concrete is a mixture of aggregates and cement. Both can be a good driveway paving material.

The professional paving contractors at Pro Pavement Services Ltd., who provide concrete driveway paving and commercial paving in Hamilton, want to help you make your choice between the two by filling you in on the pros and cons of each.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Asphalt

There are numerous advantages to using asphalt to pave a driveway. For one, it tends to be one of the more affordable options. Also, with the proper maintenance, an asphalt driveway can last for up to 20 years. Repair and maintenance of an asphalt driveway is simple and generally very affordable.

That being said, asphalt does have a shorter lifespan and requires more regular maintenance and repairs than concrete. Asphalt can also have trouble with high temperatures, as heat can cause it to warp and develop spots of damage.

The colour of asphalt, which can really only be standard black, may be considered either a pro or a con. Some people like the look of an asphalt driveway, while others might prefer the option of having different finishes to go with their landscaping.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete

A concrete driveway can last up to 40 years before needing to be replaced, double as long as asphalt. Concrete also tends to have much lower maintenance needs, and may only require the occasional decreasing. One of the biggest advantages of concrete over asphalt that many homeowners prefer is the fact that it can be tinted, stained, or scored with a variety of different colours for a more unique and personalized driveway design.

While concrete stands up well to heat as it does not soften the same way that asphalt does, it unfortunately has a tendency to crack under freezing temperatures. When concrete does need repairs, these repairs tend to be more extensive and expensive than asphalt repairs. In fact, concrete on the whole is a more expensive paving material than asphalt. Concrete also stains quite easily, and can be damaged by salt.

Made Your Choice? Let Pro Pavement Services Ltd. Know

When it comes to driveway paving in Hamilton, you know you can trust Pro Pavement Services Ltd. Since 1978 we've been providing homeowners with asphalt driveway paving and concrete driveways in Hamilton. If you're leaning more towards concrete, then you should know that we also provide unique and decorative exposed aggregate concrete in Hamilton.

Whatever you've decided is best for your property, our experienced paving contractors will make sure the job is done right and on time. For all of your driveway needs, just contact us, Pro Pavement Services Ltd., today.