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A Timeless Look: Interlocking Driveways In Hamilton

The practice of interlocking paving has been around for centuries and so is the evidence to prove it—remnants of Roman roads can still be found across Europe today. It's no wonder that homeowners, contractors, architects and realtors all love incorporating them – interlocking driveways have a variety of benefits.



  • A quick trouble-free installation which far outlasts any other form of paved surface. A Pro Pavement Services Ltd. installation is made to last. Our time-tested installation process ensures you will be enjoying your new paving for generations
  • Pavers will not crack and carry a longer warranty on the installation
  • Pavers do not require pressure joints, which are an eyesore and break up the pattern
  • Pavers bear heavy loads immediately after installation
  • No need to wait – as soon as we leave, your new paving is ready for use


  • Real estate agents agree that an interlocking paved driveway adds value to a home
  • The elegant style of interlocking pavers adds a touch of luxury to any home at a fraction of the cost of flagstone or natural stone – the cost of an interlock paver installation is comparable to stamped concrete
  • Repairs are much less costly compared to single-level solutions such as pavement or concrete because pavers are designed to undulate with movement and will not crack


  • With interlock pavers, changing out the ones you need to is easy and unnoticeable
  • The modular system of interlock pavers allows for simple access for underground repairs
  • In contrast to non-permeable materials, interlocking paving stones allow natural biological processes to filter run-off before it pollutes our creeks. The interlocking paving stones allow water to drain through, and beneficial bacteria which live between the stones and in the gravel bed below remove toxins before they reach our creeks, the bay and our beaches


  • Wide selection of stones, colours and styles provide an infinite variety of designs
  • From natural slate textures and the old-world charm of cobbles, to the classic style of brick, you are certain to find a look that will complement your home



Together we can choose a style that will complement your home and not be overwhelming. The goal is to accent the existing architecture and patterns while putting your own personal tastes into the project.

On the functional side, the driveway, patios, walkways and entrances can be designed and installed to withstand heavy vehicles, and pedestrian traffic.


Preparation is key to a lasting installation. If you have ever seen pavers that are displaced, sinking or raised, you can be sure the pavers were not installed on a properly prepared sub-base. Our years of training and experience in this field ensure that your new driveway, patio or courtyard will last a lifetime (and beyond).

Upon completion of excavation, the team begins the process of laying down the sub-base. Several tons of 3/4″ crushed stone (Granular A) are delivered to the site and the team immediately begins to distribute the gravel, filling the excavated area to previously set levels. The gravel base is compacted several times, creating a solid sub-base for the interlock pavers.


Once the sub-base has been compacted, the team spreads stone aggregate screenings or sand evenly over the entire area. This process is called “screening”. The pavers will be laid directly on top of the screenings or sand.


With the sub-base perfectly in place, we are ready to lay the interlock pavers. This can be laid in random patterns, according to your design and in your choice of colours.


We know what you're thinking, "seal my interlock pavers? Why!?" It enhances the original colour to give it a “wet look”. What's more, it creates a seal over the top of the sand joint between the interlock pavers to:

  1. Reduce the chance that the sand joint may be washed out by rain
  2. Reduce the chance that a weed seed will germinate when it falls between the joints of the pavers
  3. Protect against oil and dirt for easier cleaning

Ready to enhance the look of your home or business with a touch of European styling? Get in touch with Pro Pavement Services Ltd. to get the ball rolling!


You do not have to seal your interlock pavers at all, or you may seal them on a regular basis. The interlock pavers must be installed for at least 60 days before having them sealed, to allow the concrete to cure and oxidize. You may want to seal every 2 years or you may want to seal at longer intervals – whenever you feel you would like a new finish on them again. Most applications last 2-4 years.