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Your Concrete Driveway Contractor In Hamilton

It's no secret that more and more homeowners are choosing concrete driveways in Hamilton and other areas throughout Southern Ontario. Concrete driveways are an excellent option when compared to asphalt, or expensive brick-paved driveways. 

Pro Pavement Services Ltd. is a highly qualified and experienced concrete contractor, and we can install your driveway properly the first time. Once properly installed, these driveways do more than just create a striking first impression; their durability improves the resale potential of a property – a value any homeowner can appreciate!

If you’ve been looking at contractors that specialize in concrete driveways in Hamilton, we recommend going with a team that has been completing flawless driveways since 1978 — call Pro Pavement Services Ltd., today!


We've said it before and we'll say it again—the key to attractive, long lasting concrete lies in the subgrade. The area must be excavated and replaced with crushed stone to create a stable base. We build it up to a pitch of 1/4" to ensure proper drainage and eliminate standing water.

Once the forms are up, the sub-grade is ready to be graded – getting it uniform is crucial. Not only does this make it easier to estimate the amount of concrete needed for the job, it also cuts down the chances of unwanted cracking, which will inevitably occur at the thinnest point of the slab over time. Depending on the project, the slab thickness should be 4″ to 5″. Once the sub-grade is graded it must be compacted.

10M rebar is a common option depending on end use and the load factors that will be placed on the concrete. It can be put into place 18″ on center, wherever stamped concrete is being placed. Depending on the temperature, the sub-grade is sometimes dampened.

Next, the concrete is ready to be cast into place. Upon placement it is screened, floated and finally troweled once the excess water has disappeared. Trowelling is an important step because it helps achieve a smooth and honeycomb-free surface.

For coloured concrete we use the integral colour method, where the colouring is mixed right at the concrete plant and delivered in the concrete truck, providing improved consistency throughout the slab.


At Pro Pavement Services Ltd. we work with and respect concrete for a variety of reasons:


Depending on the site conditions and requirements, concrete is an affordable option.


The key to any good driveway material comes down to longevity and concrete is known to last for up to 30 years with proper care.


Concrete driveways don't need to be seal coated every year!


In today's ultra-competitive housing market, curb appeal is important. Concrete can be coloured, stamped and stenciled to create a unique look; that's a big draw for many homeowners.


For concrete driveways and walkways, trust Pro Pavement Services Ltd. We serve clients in Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Waterdown or Burlington.