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Custom Line Marking For Hamilton And Beyond

Easily visible and understandable pavement markings are important for guiding your customers and keeping them safe while on your property. Pro Pavement Services Ltd. offers line marking solutions for new parking lots and roadways as well as repainting.


Many of the grinders used by pavement services today do not fully lend themselves to the removal of pavement marking. The majority of grinders work with the vertical rotary attack of the pavement. This causes a type of trenching or grooving of the pavement.

Pro Pavement Services Ltd. has chosen a grinder designed specifically for the removal of pavement markings. The horizontal turning of the rotary heads does not create trenches or grooves on the pavement surface because the grinding heads do not continuously fall in a circular arc.


  • New painting and repainting for roadways and parking lots
  • Custom layouts, designs, stenciling and numbering
  • Handicapped spots and signage
  • Curb markings

All markings include reflectorized glass beads for longer wear and tear properties. Plus, our standard letter sizing of 18" means drivers and pedestrians will have no issues figuring out where they need to be!

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