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When it comes to the materials that can be used for driveway paving in Hamilton, homeowners have an important decision to make. Two options that you should definitely know about are concrete and exposed aggregate. Both concrete and exposed aggregate concrete from Hamilton paving contractors such as Pro Pavement Services Ltd. can be a solid choice.

Concrete is a mixture containing cement and aggregates (sand and/or stones) which, after it is poured, is typically smoothed out. Exposed aggregate concrete is a special mixture which is poured in much the same way, but which later has its top surface removed in order to expose the aggregate underneath.

Learning about some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of paving can help you choose between them before contacting a professional pavement service company.

Concrete: Advantages and Disadvantages
One of the main benefits of standard concrete driveways in Hamilton is that they require very little maintenance and, with the proper care, can last up to 30 years or more. Concrete holds up well against extreme weather conditions and only rarely requires repairs. Standard concrete paving also tends to be more affordable than exposed aggregate paving, costing only about $7-9 per square foot.

Many homeowners like the nice, clean look of a standard concrete driveway as well as the fact that it can be tinted and stained in many different colours and is not slippery. However, other homeowners might be looking for something more decorative and aesthetically appealing for driveway paving in Hamilton than what standard concrete has to offer. Driveway winter maintenance is also another factor when deciding which type of paving a homeowner should pick.

Exposed Aggregate: Advantages and Disadvantages
Exposed aggregate concrete in Hamilton, while the more expensive of the two, comes with numerous benefits of its own. Because of the variety of differently coloured and differently textured mixes available, exposed aggregate concrete is highly versatile and can be paired with all sorts of home exteriors and landscaping designs. It also contrasts well with other styles of concrete that you may have on your property. Additionally, the rugged surface is skid resistant and only requires moderate maintenance.

While still incredibly durable, exposed aggregate is more prone to damage than standard concrete and therefore needs to be sealed more often. The decorative top layer is also more likely to trap dirt and other debris and is trickier to clean. While a concrete slab can be quickly cleaned with a good power wash, exposed aggregate usually requires more time and attention. However, if you really love the look of exposed aggregate, then you'll likely find these few extra maintenance tasks to be worth the effort.

For Beautiful Concrete Driveways in Hamilton, Pro Pavement Services Ltd. Has You Covered
For almost 40 years, Pro Pavement Services Ltd. has been providing homeowners with expert and reliable driveway paving services. We install standard concrete driveways in Hamilton and exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Hamilton that are both affordable and durable, providing the perfect driveway paving solution.

If you've decided on the type of driveway you'd like to see in front of your home, don't hesitate to contact us and schedule a free estimate with Pro Pavement Services Ltd. today.

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